Small group classes rooted in functional strength training. You can view our class description below.


FLEX: Back, Biceps, Shoulders & Cardio


Designed to build strength though foundational movements. This workout utilizes free weights, bands, and body-weight exercises to add FLEXibility and strength to the start of your week.


PEAK - Chest, Triceps, Core & Cardio


Continue to tone and strengthen your upper body to reach your PEAK performance. Through free weights, bands and body weight, this workout will ramp up your metabolism.


SHIFT - Legs, Glutes & Cardio


SHIFT to the lower body. This targeted workout will strengthen and tone the legs and glutes while focusing on cardiovascular conditioning.


RUSH - Core & Cardio


Improve your balance and posture through core strength and stability. This workout targets the core to strengthen and tone the central power house of the body.


MOTION - Total Body

Friday and Saturday

Finish the week strong with a fresh, dynamic total body workout. This full body workout combines movements from the week with new foundational exercises to challenge you as you move into the weekend.